Zen Garden is last mission of President's Club in True Crime: New York City

"As I said, little man, I'm gonna handle you-- PERSONALLY!!"

- Lionel Jones a.k.a Benjamin

Mission DescriptionEdit


The samurai fight between Kobi and Benjamin.

After Marcus taking care all Benjamin's goons at Zen Empire Records, Marcus go to the roof quickly by using elevator. When Marcus still in elevator and unholster his AK47, the scene show about samurai fight between Kobi and Benjamin. Kobi block and dodge Benjamin's attack quickly. But, when Kobi attack Benjamin, Benjamin slash Kobi's ribs until Kobi feeling sore. Then, Marcus just arrived from elevator and trying to stop them. Acting on impluse, Kobi turn her body and throw her shuriken. Lucky for Marcus, he dodge Kobi's shuriken and aiming again to them. Kobi didn't realize that she still fighting with her sworn enemy. Unfortunately for Kobi, Benjamin come up behind her and stabbing her with sadistic. Kobi drop her katana and laying down on zen garden with some bleeding in her body. Then, Marcus approach to Benjamin and aiming to him. But, Benjamin slash the AK47 into pieces and now Marcus become unarmed. He see a katana dropped on garden near Kobi and when Benjamin try to slash him, he dodge by front flip and get Kobi's katana.

The fight has come, Marcus need to destroy Benjamin's armor with his weapon. About a few attack, Kobi's katana destroyed into pieces. He need cut the bamboo with his martial art and grab it. Then, he destroy Benjamin's armor until Benjamin unarmor. After destroying Benjamin's armor, Benjamin destroy the lock of Zen Temple and enter that place. Then, Marcus pursue him and fight again. Benjamin try to kill Marcus but Marcus always dodge his attack. Marcus need to find the things who may hit Benjamin. Then, he attack Benjamin with other things by throwing the pottery or hit with piece of wood.

After that, Benjamin drop the Shinto and climb the statue and riding zip-line. Then, Marcus grab the Shinto and pursue him. When Marcus arrived, Benjamin unsheat his Shinto into two and fight again with Marcus. When Benjamin become unconsious Marcus hit him with special attack.


Marcus force Benjamin to tell who is his hookup at department.

Benjamin has been defeated, then Marcus grab him and throw him to steel fence but Marcus hold him and interogate Benjamin. Benjamin revealed that the mole called himself "Le Efefa". Then, Marcus arrested Benjamin. After that, Marcus call the backup to pickup Benjamin and send the ambulance to pickup Kobi. This is the end of President's Club Case.

Objective  Edit

  • Destroy Benjamin's armor
  • Pursue Benjamin
  • Defeat Benjamin