Vivian Shen is the step-sister of Leeland Shen, leader of the Shadow Tong, who took over after murdering her father, Uncle Benny. Marcus may have been slightly attracted to her.

She was unhappy with her life at home after her father died, and ran away with a Goth who took her to join his 'coven' in an old church. Marcus Reed, who was trying to investigate the Tong, came to the church and asked about her. He was interrupted by the leader, who ordered his minions to attack Marcus before attacking him with fiery blasts. All were defeated and Vivian consented to accompany Marcus. Outside, Marcus asked her where she lived, and she responded by asking him what he was really after by using her to get to her brother. He responded that it was grown-up business and she wouldn't understand, to which she responded with a rude gesture to his back. As he puzzled over where his car was, the goths emerged from the church armed with guns and fired at the two. The sight of the guns finally convinced Vivian to go with this cop, hysterically requesting that he get her out of there. He pulled her into a black limousine next to them, ordering her to drive while he shot at the pursuing goths. They eventually escaped their pursuers and reached Vivian's house, where she was treated to a less than friendly welcoming reception. She ranted at her step-mother for speaking about her father, only for her step-brother to hit her across the face.

She eventually found the truth about her father's disappearance and went to the Chinese Heritage House to confront Leeland. Upon arriving, she freed Marcus from his bonds and angrily confronted her step-brother over his murder of her father. Leeland promptly struck her with a guan dao and tried to kill her, only for Marcus to angrily defend her. While the two men circled each other, Vivian took the opportunity to escape.

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