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Victor "Vic" Navarro' is Marcus' chief antagonist on the force. Navarro is a by-the-book old fashioned cop who's thoroughly unimpressed, if not downright suspicious, with Marcus Reed. Only his trust of Detective Terrence Higgins' judgment allows him to accept Marcus, the son of the notorious, and imprisoned crime boss, 'The King,' as one of New Yorks finest.

Victor and Terry are friends as well as fellow officers, and Terry can get away with more insubordination than Victor would allow from anyone else... especially Marcus.

In the endings, he finds Marcus and Whitting waiting for him in his locker at the Central Grand Station. When Victor opens the locker, it has a clothes bag and a golf club. However, the bag falls, revealing millions of dollars in cash. Whitting arrests Victor for his crime. His name is cleared when Marcus finds out that Terry Higgins had framed the chief. In the Bad Cop ending, Victor manages to escape his arrest and shoot down Whitting. He manages to get onto a subway train. When Marcus arrives there, Victor ambushes him and fights him by using fists. Afterwards, he was thrown over the train by Marcus' punch.

Navarro was voiced by Esai Morales.