Detective Marcus Reed and Isiah Reed are having there years spended in Prison. Detective Marcus and Isiah both have to escape the cell by unlocking it. Marcus and Isiah knows that a group of prison guards are on them and then Marcus kills them and then follows Isiah out of prison. Isiah and Marcus leave prison with Terrence to know it's not safe in prison. During the escape Detective Marcus tells Isiah and Terrence that they are leaving. Isiah and Marcus both have a group of prison guards and then Marcus kills them and escapes by car. Marcus goes to his apartment. In the apartment Marcus knows that a group of Cartels are on him and then Marcus kills the Cartels in the apartment and then goes upstairs. Marcus goes into his apartment room with Isiah.


  • NYPD Precint
  • Safehouse

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  • Look at the door of the prison
  • Unlock the door of the cell
  • Attack the prison guards that are coming
  • Get out of prison
  • Kill the prison guards
  • Escape a group of cops
  • Get in the car
  • Go to the apartment
  • Enter the apartment
  • Kill the Cartels
  • Go upstairs
  • Enter the room with Isiah.


  • Prison Guard
  • Magdelina Cartels