With a drunk for a mother and cruel step father, Rosie turned to the gangs. First she went with the taggers, then the troublemakers, and finally an all girl gang. However Rosie finally understood that crime wasn't the answer; so she decided to go into the other direction. She worked hard through school and then joined the police. Now Rosie is both hard cop and intel specialist with bit of "Goodie-two shoes" (according to Nick). And now she is the partner of the LAPD loose cannon Nick Kang; lucky her.

True Crime: Streets of L.A.Edit

Rosie Velasco was an partner of Nick Kang in True Crime: Streets Of L.A. She doesn't enjoy working with Nick at the beginning of the game because of she thought of him as a 'Nutcase', but she then learns about his background and becomes more friendly to him as the game progresses.



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