Random Crime

The follwing is a list of random crimes on the streets of Los Angeles.

  • Carjacking
  • Diseased Hooker
  • Stop the thief
  • Disgruntled postman/nurse
  • Drink Driver
  • Drug Dealers
  • Gang Firefights
  • Girlfriend Brawl
  • Homicides
  • Hooker Turf Wars
  • Husband and wife fights
  • Illegal street racing
  • Kidnapping
  • Find Jack the Ripper
  • Locate Jay Deleno's Car
  • Mafia hitmen
  • Murder Suspects
  • Mugging
  • Pimps working
  • Policemen in need of assistance
  • Prostitutes working
  • Rapes
  • Reported Disturbance
  • Rocky's Goons are Back
  • Rooster Fighting
  • Street Fights
  • Stolen Ambulance/Car/Coach
  • Stolen truck with Activition games
  • Robbery in Progress
  • Arrest Arms Dealer
  • Locate Hungry Hector
  • Locate Celebrity Shoplifter
  • Bust Poison Pusher
  • Locate OnRun Corp. Execs
  • Locate Flavio Rossi
  • Locate Hijacked Prison Bus
  • Locate Dueling Chefs
  • Locate Getaway Car
  • Locate Counterfiet Truck
  • Locate Crime Car
  • Locate Corpse Report
  • Locate Stolen Movie Car
  • Locate Fighting Stock Brokers
  • Locate Flaming Eddie
  • Locate Pyromaniac
  • Locate Drive-By Shooting
  • Locate Stolen Fire Truck
  • Locate Movie Script Thief
  • Locate Anti Game Protest
  • Locate Hit-And-Run Suspect

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