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There are tons of African-American street gangs. In fact their are so many African based street gangs that there has been over 300 cases of rival gang shootings that even the FBI, the DEA, and the IAD don't even know how many have died. Then only day, the rival gangs just stop. No drive-bys, no back alley street fights, etc. CIA believes that these rival gangs have joined together. Now they have formed a new crime organization, they have formed the President's Club.

The President's clubEdit

President's Club was an all African-Amercian street crime gang. The gang got it's name from the head leader and the lieutenants that used the names of United States Presidents and made its profit off a drug made by the Japanese Yakuza called "Pop". The gang was started when the head leader went rogue after the being used by the Yakuza. This act of deflection led the President's Club and Yakuza into a gang war.

Leadership Edit

The President's Club had five leaders, all named after a US president or notable historical figure:

President Lincoln- the lowest ranking President, he runs a drug den in the slums. Named after Abraham Lincoln, 16th US president.

President Hamilton- He is in charge of a nightclub called Club Tado, which supplies Lincoln's drug den and is the site of a massacre by the Yakuza. Named after American founding father Alexander Hamilton.

President Jackson- unknown role, but seems to be spearheading the war against the Yakuza. Named for Andrew Jackson, 7th US president.

President Grant- runs the print factory that manufactures their main drug, 'Pop'. Named for Ulysses S. Grant, 18th US president.

Lionel "Benjamin" Jones- famous music artist and head of the President's Club. Named after American founding father Benjamin Franklin.

Marcus Marcusdied that one of the Presidents, Lincon, runs a drug den/shelter. Marcus arrived on scene and knocked out the doorman. Marcus then made his way through the den kill allingl the gurads and dealers. As Marcus arrived in the main hall, Marcus found Lincon waitting for him on a platform above the ground. Marcus dodged Lincon's bullets and caught him. Lincon told Marcus that the next President up was Hamilton and that he could be found at his DJ club. Marcus then arrested Lincon and headed off to cl theub.

Arriving at the club Marcus found everyone on the floor lifeless, Marcus at first believed them to be kncocked knocked the pop until Marcus knocked off the head of a beheaded body. As Marcus fell to the floor in fear, a voice rang out from the back of the club. Marcus soon made his way through the club bypassing lasers and found a wintiess witness in fear. The wintiess then explained that the killers were Yakuza sent by their leader Kobi.

Marcus then tracked down Kobi to a hotel where he found two young ladies being escorted by two Yakuza enforcers. Marcus approcahed the group asking for Kobi but one of the enforcers pulled a gun on Marcus. Marcus simply explained by pulling out his badge that he just wanted to talk to Kobi. Marcus then asked again for Kobi to which the older lady revealed that she was Kobi.

As Marcus order Kobi into her limo, the President Club's men led by President Jackson arrivied to "WASTE THE YAKUZA BITCHES". The two gangs opened up upon each other with Kobi's men killed. Marcus order Kobi and her friend into the limo and escaped the area with the President's club on their tail.

After killing the thugs and ending the chase Kobi thanked Marcus for his deeds. Marcus asked why was Kobi at war with the Presidents. Kobi revealed to Marcus that the man driving the car was President Jackson, and that her men had already killed Hamilton and Grant is next and that Benjaimen is all that remains. Kobi revealed that Benjaimen, the head of the President's club is really Lieon Jones; a hotshot music video producer. Ounce Lieon was broke where Kobi met Lieon in Japan and used his' contracts to sell pop but Lieon decided to go into his own buisness using the Yakuza's pop. Kobi then ordered her men to hunt down and kill all of the Presidents.

Kobi then revealed that she and her men are on they way to Lieon's drug factory to kill him herself. Marcus then told Kobi, that would not happen but Kobi then pushed Marcus causing him to fall out of the limo on to the street and drove off.

Knowing where the factory was Marcus made his way there. Marcus arrived on scene where he found the President's Club and the Yakuza were in the midst of a gun fight with President Grant leading the fight yelling "You want fuck with a President, you fuck with GRANT"! As Grant's men killed two more Yakuza, Marcus busted through the skylight, gunning down both sides. Shocked by Marcus' entrance Grant then ordered his men to kill Marcus while he moved a large truck of pop.

Marcus then chased after Grant kill both sides. As Marcus headed outside, he found more gangsters fighting, with Grant trying to escape in his truck. Marcus destoryed the truck and Grant "stepped" out. After Grant came too, Marcus ordered him to tell him where Lieon was. Grant revealed that Lieon was at his music studio.

Marcus then raced to the studio but was knocked out from behind as soon as he entered. Marcus then re-awoke stapped to a chair. Lieon entered the room, angered that Marcus had destoryed his operation and arrested his men and broke into his building. As Lieon stood over Marcus, Lieon armed himself with a katana and prepared to execute Marcus himself. But before Lieon could do so, a goon busted into room explaining that a intruder was on the roof. Lieon angered that someone was in his garden, fucking with his "ZEN" left the room with his men leaving Marcus on the floor.

Marcus soon broke from the chair and headed for the roof killing Lieon's goons along the way. Arriving on the roof, Marcus found Lieon on the roof waitting for him with his katana. Marcus then dueled Lieon and defeated him by knocking off his armor by smashing it with pieces of bamboo. With no armor on, Lieon escaped on a nearby zipline to another building. Marcus followed him and captured Lieon.

Holding Lieon over the side of the building, Lieon revealed that the mole called himself "Le Efefa". Marcus then arrested Lieon, ending the President's Club.

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