P. Linclon was one of the five "Presidents" in the President's Club, and was the lowest-ranking one of them all. He was noted for being unstable and erratic.

Drug DenEdit

Marcus Reed was pointed in the direction of Lincoln's drug den by Gabriel Whitting. Upon arriving, he knocked out the doorman and proceeded to kill all of Lincoln's men. When Lincoln himself saw him, he attempted to kill Marcus by arming himself with a large minigun, firing indiscrininately at the policeman. He was incapacitated and interrogated, revealing that his superior, P. Hamilton, operated out of Club Tadow in an industrial sector. He was then arrested.  

Attire and weaponEdit

P. Lincoln wears a zoot suit with a gold chain with an L on it (similar to the one the player can buy at Gracie's Fine Clothing) and wields a Rotary Cannon as his primary weapon.