P. Jackson is a member of the President's Club and one of the higher-ranking ones, ranking above Lincoln and Hamilton, but below Grant and Benjamin. His role as a President is never made clear.

Meeting KobiEdit

Marcus Reed, having interrogated P. Hamilton at Club Tadow, had arrived at Club Nagoya just as two Japanese women were leaving for a white limousine parked at the door. He asked one of the two goons about Kobi, only to get threatened with a gun. Holding up his police badge, he asked where Kobi was, only for the older woman to confirm that she was Kobi. Suprised but impressed, Marcus requested that she get in the limo before the Presidents arrived. Just at that moment, a black limo screeched around the corner and P. Jackson appeared through the sunroof with an Uzi, shouting "Yo, blaze those Yakuza bitches!" while firing at them. Kobi's goons returned fire, but were easily gunned down. As Kobi and the other woman ran for the limo, Marcus snatched up a goon's fallen Bullpup rifle and ordered the driver to "DRIVE!". Jackson's limo followed for a short while with Jackson pelting Kobi's limo with Uzi fire before breaking off. After escaping cars, motorbikes and trucks, Kobi's limo was forced to take a detour when Jackson's limo appeared out of nowhere. Despite sustained Uzi and RPG fire, Marcus was able to destroy Jacksons limo, causing it to flip over and explode, ejecting Jackson out through the roof. Whether he lives or dies is unknown.

Attire and armamentEdit

P. Jackson wears a pinstriped tan suit with matching hat, making him the only president to wear a hat. He also wears a gold chain with a J on it. He is armed with an Uzi, though he will switch to an RPG rocket launcher at the end of the chase.