P. Hamilton is a member of the "President's Club" and is the owner of Club Tadow. He ranks above Lincoln, but below Jackson, Grant and Benjamin. Unlike the other Presidents, he is obese.

Club TadowEdit

Marcus Reed arrives at the club after interrogating Lincoln to find everyone motionless on the floor. As he wonders what happened, he notices a man sitting motionless on a sofa and shakes him, only to fall over in horror when the man's head falls off. He then hears Hamilton calling for help and goes to investigate, fighting off three men in dark suits that are presumably responsible for the massacre of the club patrons. Marcus finds that Hamilton's office has been sealed off by laser-tripwire bombs and is forced to precariously navigate over and under them to reach the office, where he finds Hamilton cowering under his desk. He interrogates him, and is told that the Yakuzas were the men at the start and that they are at war with the President's Club for selling "Pop". He then smugly reveals that they know about Club Nagoya and that President Jackson is going there to kill someone called Kobi (presumably the Yakuza leader). Hamilton then joins Lincoln in prison.

Attire and armamentEdit

P. Hamilton wears a light grey pinstripe suit and a gold chain with an H on it. He carries no weapons.