Magdalena Rojas, also known as Teresa Castillo or "Mother Teresa" is the head of the Magdalena Cartel and widow of Umberto Rojas, a legendary drug czar. When her husband was killed by the CIA, she took over his cartel and turned it into the number one cocaine supplier in New York whilst maintaining the outward appearance of a rich and charitable socialite. However a rival gang called the Latin Lords started to compete with the Magdalenas, which was bad for business. However, when Marcus Reed showed up looking for information on the Cartel, Teresa saw a perfect oppertunity to get rid of the competition. She pointed him towards a street dealer and asked him to ensure that he never came back. After taking care of the dealer and destroying his lab, Reed asked for information and she told him about a motorcycle courier who regularly picked up the spoils of the gangs sales. How ever, when Marcus followed the lead to the head of the gang, it was discovered that he'd been pursuing the Latin Lords instead. Discovering that the Cartel imported their drugs through the Zuma Museum, Marcus headed there and interrogated the curator. Recieving information about one of Teresa's mental institutions, Marcus decided to investigate, only to be clubbed over the head when he arrived. When he woke up, he was in a wheelchair with Teresa walking next to him. After giving him a brief backstory about herself, she left him to fend for himself against the other inmates while she went to the opera. He managed to escape and head to the opera house where she was viewing a performance. Ordering her thugs to kill him, she fled backstage and tried to kill him herself using a Viking longship equipped with a flame thrower. However, Marcus destroyed the ship and demanded information. She did not have much but was able to tell him that the mole was in the Organised Crime Unit before being arrested ending the Magdelana Cartel.