When it comes to Drug Cartels; the Magdalena Cartel are by far the most dangerous. From Mexico to Colombia their acts are legendary: they took down the Colombian Mafia, they destroyed the Mexican Scorpio Gang of Juarez and they are the ones who bombed the Mexican Federalè HQ. However some believed that when the CIA assassinated the Cartel head in 62, the Magdalenas were done. But now they're here in New York City with some new leader. To those corrupted "You can take a bullet or you can take a bribe", choose the bribe.

Magdalena CartelEdit

The Magdalena Cartel was a Colombian Drug Cartel that made money off children hospitals, orphanages and other shelters around the city made by their head leader Teresa Castillo a.k.a "Mother Teresa". In his quest for revenge against the mole who killed his partner Terry Higgins, NYPD cop Marcus Reed took down this crime organization first.

Learning that Mother Teresa had ties to the cartel Marcus traveled to meet with her and ask a few questions but however she refused to talk to him being a cop because a drug dealer that stood on the corner of building everyday was not taken care of. Needing Teresa's help, Marcus told Teresa to wait while he to confront the dealer.

After killing the drug dealer and destroying his lab, Marcus returned to Teresa and she informed him of a another drug dealer named Rey. To find Rey, Marcus would have follow a biker that collected the money of his drug dealers and taken to him. After destroying Rey's operation; Rey informed Marcus that he was being used by the Magdalenas to take out their rivals and that their drug smuggling operation was based within the New York Museum of National History.

Marcus then made his way to the Museum where he hear a Doctor talking about a new fresh shipment arriving in the basement. After knowing out a gullible guard, Marcus made his way past more guard and took the elevator down basement but the Doctor from before saw Marcus and ordered his men to kill him. After Marcus caught up to the Doctor, the Doctor revealed that the new artifacts contained the Cartel's drugs. Discovering all he needed to know; Marcus raced back to Teresa's building.

Upon entering the building Marcus headed to Teresa's but was knocked out from behind. Marcus then awoke in stiraght vest in a wheel chair in mental hospital. To his side stood Teresa who revealed her name to be Magdalena Rojas; there and then Marcus discovered the truth: "Teresa" was the Cartel's head. Breaking out of the Hospital, Marcus headed to opera theater where Teresa was watching a show. After killing Teresa's goons, Marcus asked Teresa who was the mole inside the O.C.U; but Teresa stated that the she never met the mole but she stated that the mole was very high up and controlled the police. With the information gotten, Marcus arrested Magdalena thus bring a end to the Magdalena Cartel.

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