'01 Sport Coupe.32 ACP SMG.357 Magnum
.38 Auto.38 Revolver.40 Handgun
.41 Revolver.45 ACP.45 Pistol
.45 SMG.45 Special.50 Auto
1.5 I4 Wagon1.7L 14 Coupe1992 Ford Econoline
2.3 I4 Sedan2.4 I4 Sedan2.6 I6 Coupe
2002 Cadillac Escalade2002 Ford Taurus3.2L V6 Coupe
3.2 V6 Sedan3.3 V6 Mini-Van3.5 V6 Coupe
3.7 V6 SUV3.8L V6 Minivan4.3L V6 Van
4.4 V8 SUV4.6L V8 Sedan4.7L V8 Pickup
4.8L V8 SUV5.0 V10 Coupe5.0 V8 Coupe
5.2L V8 Coupe5.2 Delivery Truck5.56 Assault Rifle
5.56 Scoped Bullpup5.56mm Bullpup AR6.0 V12 Coupe
7.2L SC V8 Coupe7.62 Assault Rifle790cc Cafe Racer
9mm Pistol9mm SMG9mm Silenced SMG
AK-47Ancient WuAssassinHood
BambooBeanbag ShotgunBenjamin
Bullet OperaCaltropsCandy
CarbineCassandra HartzChapters in Los Angeles
Chapters in New York CityClothingCooter's XXX Hard Cider
Deena DixonDogg PatrolDon Rafferty
Elite. Operations. DisvisonExtortionFoamhead
Food ShopsFreddieFull Auto Shotgun
Gabriel WhittingGood EndingGulag
Han Yu KimHeckler and Koch G3Henry Wilson
Human LegHustlers exitIsaiah Reed
KatanaKev LarKobi
Land MineList of WeaponsLos Angeles
Los Angeles Police DepartmentLuxo Car DealershipLuxoflux
Luxor BankM4MAS
MP5Magdalena CartelMagdalena Rojas
Marcus ReedMercedes-Benz MLMick's
MishaMitsubishi Montero SportMurder of Anne Barber Dunlap
NYC OutfittersNew YorkNew york city police department
Nick KangNightstickNude
OK PriceP. GrantP. Hamilton
P. JacksonP. LincolnPalermo Mob
Pedestrian DialoguePedestriansPepeer Spray
PharmacyPolice BikePresident's Club
PumaPuma StoreRandom Crimes in Los Angeles
RedGone WildRedmanRey
RockyRosie VelascoRushing To EOD
Semi Auto ShotgunShadow TongShooting Practice
Sleeping DogsSnoop DoggSouvenir Statue
Standard ShotgunStun BatonStun Gun
Tactical ShotgunTerms used when describing a car on this wikiTerry Higgins
Triad MuscleTrue CrimeTrue Crime: New York City
True Crime: Streets of L.A.True Crime Hong KongTrue Crime Wiki
UziVengeanceVictor Navarro
Vincent TuzziVivian ShenWanda Parks
Way of HonorWeaponsWillie Jerome Manning
Wire LimeWire Lime Alpine BlastYellow Snow Beer
Zen Gardens
File:220px-True Crime HK cover art.jpgFile:300px-Tcnyc-hellskitchen.jpgFile:300px-Tcnyc-timessquare.jpg
File:300px-Tcnyc-wallstreet.jpgFile:3396Sleeping Dogs Box Art.jpgFile:410.jpg
File:475.jpgFile:570.jpgFile:Acura NSX TCNYC.jpg
File:AstnMrtn TCNYC.jpgFile:BMW TCNYC.jpgFile:Bentley TCNYC.jpg
File:Camaro TCNYC.jpgFile:Character.jpgFile:Chevy Express Ambulance TCNYC.jpg
File:Chevy Express Van TCNYC.jpgFile:Chevy Suburban TCNYC.jpgFile:CmroBeater TCNYC.jpg
File:CrownVicTaxi TCLA.jpgFile:CrownVicTaxi TCNYC.jpgFile:CrownVic TCLA.jpg
File:CrownVic Taxi TCNYC.jpgFile:CrownVic Taxi TCSLA.jpgFile:Deena Dixon.png
File:Deena Dixon Desk.pngFile:DeliveryTruck TCLA.jpgFile:DeliveryTruck TCNYC.jpg
File:Dodge Caravan TCNYC.jpgFile:Dodge Charger Beater TCNYC.jpgFile:Dodge Charger TCNYC.jpg
File:Dodge Dakota TCNYC.jpgFile:Dodge Dakota TCSLA.jpgFile:Escalade TCLA.jpg
File:Flatbed TCLA.jpgFile:FordVan TCLA.jpgFile:Ford CrownVic TCNYC.jpg
File:Ford CrownVic TCSLA.jpgFile:Ford Taurus TCSLA.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Ghcast.jpgFile:Habyukim.jpgFile:Harley TCNYC.jpg
File:Honda Civic TCNYC.jpgFile:Interogate.pngFile:Item.jpg
File:Jaguar Stype TCNYC.jpgFile:Jeep TCNYC.jpgFile:Kobi.png
File:Kobi2.PNGFile:Kobistabbed.pngFile:LAPD Crown Victoria True Crime LA.jpg
File:Lamborghini TCNYC.jpgFile:Location.jpgFile:Logo-puma.jpg
File:Luxo Car TCNYC.jpgFile:MBML TCLA.jpgFile:Marcius.jpg
File:Marcus Reed.jpgFile:Marcus Reed (2000).pngFile:Marcus Reed (2005).png
File:Mercedes Benz TCNYC.jpgFile:Minivan TCNYC.jpgFile:Montero TCLA.jpg
File:NYPD CrownVic TCNYC.jpgFile:Nick Kang.jpgFile:Nissan GTR TCNYC.jpg
File:Nissan Skyline TCNYC.jpgFile:PDNY CrownVic TCNYC.jpgFile:PS3 True Crime Hong Kong 001.jpg
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Plymouth Cuda Beater TCNYC.jpgFile:Plymouth Cuda TCNYC.jpg
File:PoliceBike TCNYC.jpgFile:Quest.gifFile:Raff.jpg
File:Scion Xb TCNYC.jpgFile:Security of the Gulag.pngFile:Tcnyc.jpg
File:Terrence Higgins.pngFile:Terrence Higgins Shooting.pngFile:The-KinG.jpg
File:The real Redman.jpgFile:TitleTemplate.pngFile:True-crime-new-york-city-20060328033132523-1455149.jpg
File:TrueCrime logo.jpgFile:True Crime - Streets of LA Coverart.pngFile:True Crime 2012-11-23 12-51-53-22.png
File:True Crime 2012-11-23 12-58-08-02.pngFile:True Crime 2012-12-12 19-36-02-86.pngFile:True Crime Logo.png
File:True Crime New York City PS2.jpgFile:True Crime Streets of LA Rushing to EODFile:True Crime Streets of LA Shooting Practice
File:True Crime Streets of LA Triad MuscleFile:True Crime hong kongFile:True crime.jpg
File:True crime NYC ps2.jpgFile:True crime hong kong.jpgFile:True crime logo.png
File:Truecrime snoopdog.jpgFile:Truecrimelamap.jpgFile:Victor Navarro.png
File:Victor Navarro Desk.pngFile:Wanda.jpgFile:Wanda Parks.jpg
File:Wiki4.pngFile:WikiaGaming.pngFile:Wikis in Plain English

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