Gabriel Whitting is a Special Agent working in the shadows of Federal Bureau of Investigation . Gabriel Whitting has been on the fringes of law enforcement and government shadow ops for 40 years. He is more comfortable with clandestine meetings in back alleys than with public interaction. Whitting is used to pulling the strings and then disappearing.

He's currently investigating police corruption in the New York Police, specifically a crime syndicate mole high up in the ranks. Marcus Reed is new to the force, and has just lost his partner and mentor, Terry Higgins; he's perfect for recruitment by Whitting for his investigation. Whitting gives Marcus information to go out on the street and take down the syndicates, with the hope that this will produce enough evidence to bring down the mole.

Whitting has loyalty to no one, except his secret agenda, which only he really knows.

In the Bad Cop ending, Victor Navarro kills Whitting with a bullet to his heart after being wrongly accused of being a traitor. In the Good Cop ending, however, Whitting agrees to use his influence to "pull a few strings" and get Marcus's father another hearing in exchange for nailing the true mole - Higgins himself.

Whitting has a very long, storied and colourful history. He was posted on missions that took him to Cambodia, where he met Mother Teresa and described her as "a very funny woman", China, Vietnam and Egypt where he challenged a camel to a spitting contest and lost. He also has a very eccentric personality, which Marcus remarks on. When it turns out that Higgins himself was the real traitor, Whitting remarks that they had a word for people like that in the FBI, but since he doesn't remember it, settles for calling him a "bastard" instead.

Gabriel Whitting wears an almost identical raincoat outfit to the one Marcus can buy, except for a police badge and a tan coat instead of a gray one. He also wears sunglasses and is always seen smoking a cigarette.

Whitting was voiced by Christopher Walken.