Fareed "Freddie" Abdul Salaam is a 39 year old veteran Pakistan Gypsy New York taxi driver who gives new meaning to the expression "Customer is King". His resourcefulness is legendary and his knowledge of the city is second to none. Unlike most cabbies, he isn't one to discriminate and there is no address within Manhattan he refuses to go, becoming the cabbie of choice, for many, a crook.

He works hard to pay off his gambling debts and feeds his bountiful brood of 9 wives and children. Freddie has taken to capitalism with a vengeance. He runs favors, serving as a go-between, and helping his fares make things happen in any way he can. His cab is his home, cruising Manhattan's streets 24/7, with few naps in-between.

He sees an opportunity with Marcus Reed to further his ability to "make things happen any way they can".

Freddie was voiced by Brian George.

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