Lionel "Benjamin" Jones is a music producer and leader of the President's Club gang in New York City. 


Lionel Jones started out broke on the streets of Japan in 1998. He eventually met Kobi, a high-ranking Yakuza official, who realized that Lionel's influential contacts overseas in Manhattan would be perfect for distributing the Yakuza's drug, "Pop", throughout America. Lionel then started to manufacture the drug himself and formed the President's Club gang, with four other men taking up the mantles of Presidents while he himself became "Benjamin", the leader. He also became a famous and wealthy music producer, owning Zen Empire records in Times Square. This made Kobi swear revenge on Jones and his gang.

Zen GardensEdit

Marcus Reed, having interrogated President Grant on the identity and whereabouts of "Benjamin", arrived at Zen Empire Records, only to be subdued and tied to a chair. Jones himself was summoned and, furious that he was having to get his hands dirty by disposing of the cop, prepared to kill him with a katana. He was prevented from doing this by a guard who alerted him to the presence of an intruder on the roof. He left to confront the intruder, who turned out to be Kobi herself, and they began a vicious katana battle. Kobi was slashed by Jones's Shinto sword and cursed in Japanese. At that moment, Marcus arrived, having escaped his bonds and armed himself with an AK-47. Jones took advantage of Kobi's distraction and stabbed her from behind with his sword, mortally wounding her. He prepared to deal with Marcus himself, shocking the policeman by slicing the barrel of the AK clean off with his sword. Marcus had no choice but to arm himself with Kobi's katana and figh Jones in sword combat. Despite being outmatched, Marcus managed to shatter part of Jones's customized armour with his sword, prompting the crime lord to retreat into a shrine on the roof. Here, Marcus destroyed the rest of the armour and Jones fled on a zipline to an adjacent building, dropping his Shinto in the process. Marcus caught up the sword and followed, where he found Jones armed with dual Shintos and they proceeded to duel once more. Marcus emerged victorious and held Jones over the edge of the building as he interrogated him. Jones caved in and revealed that the contact called himself "El Jefe`". Marcus began to understand and arrested Jones, destroying the President's Club.