Ancient Wu (True Crime- Streets of LA)

Ancient Wu is a mysterious figure that is said to be the creator of the Chinese Triad, though many view him only as a myth or a legend. Nevertheless, Nick Kang will learn the truth of this legend as he pursues Rocky and the Triad goons. In later branches, he is viewed as Nick's mentor and often helps him escape sticky situations (he releases Nick's handcuffs when he was captured in the airport (episode VIII, Retribution, mission #5, Hangar Showdown, both intros) and appeared in one scene to get Nick out of a police car (episode VII, Best Ending, Finding Rocky, mission #6, Eavesdropping, both alternate intros), believing, in the Eavesdropping alternate intros 1 and 2, that Nick was following an agent). He is 342 years old in-game (but if he was still alive, 354 years old, and it would make him the oldest person in the world then).

He is first mentioned back in the intro of the first episode, Off to Chong's, of the third episode, International Ties, when Nick mentioned that Jimmy Fu was hired by Wu's enforcer Big Chong (the place where he goes to tail Big Chong to the Krym Spa).

In True Crime: Streets of LAEdit

Episode VI: House of Wu, Best EndingEdit

The episode largely involves Nick visiting the Pagoda Restaurant.

In the episode he is first seen in mission 5, seeing Nick falling into a ring surrounded by lava. Before he tells stuff about Rocky and related things, he gives Nick three tests: to shoot thirteen demons, to fight his two concubines, and then, to defeat the dragon.

Nick, in episode 5, Inner Demons, said that Wu was looking well for a cadaver, just before Wu went on to said his age (age 342). He also said to Wu was that his messing with his brother was the last mistake Wu'll ever make. Then Wu said "the yin has to balance the yang", just before giving out the first test.

An invisible force in the following mission takes Nick's guns and releases the concubines, thus fighting them. And then, after the concubines become dead, Wu takes the Nick's guns back to him, just before turning into a dragon as the third test. Before Wu took Nick's guns, he said that "twenty years ago the Soviets sent one of their top KGB agents to the City of Angels" and that "Rocky lost loyalty to Mother Russia and pursued a life of crime".

Episode VIII: RetributionEdit

Ancient Wu cuts off Nick's handcuffs while he was sitting in a chair in the 5th mission Hangar Showdown, allowing Nick, to, when Rocky attempts to kill him, save his life at the cost of his own. He could be heard, but can't be seen. He said that "he implores Nick to take revenge on those who truly deserve it", before his handcuffs started to shake.

Episode VI: Rampage, Average EndingEdit

In the halfway of the episode, Nick visits the Pagoda Restaurant.

In the first episode, Nick, leaning on the ambulance, says that Rocky had Wu's thugs kill Cary, and he then races to the Gular as the payback. Misha then stops Nick after Nick chased Rocky, saying "you want Rocky? You go through me!", then he says Rocky went to see the Ancient Wu at the Pagoda Restaurant in Chinatown. Nick then drives to the restaurant, and sees a waitress. She says that the restaurant is only for reservations, thus making Nick having to shoot Wu's crew. As Nick sees Wu, Wu said that it was a mistake, truly saying that his men did kill Cary. Then, Nick goes to the Santa Monica Airport (as Wu referred "steel birds" as airplanes). Nick starts firing, but Wu is immune to that damage, laughs, and Nick leaves the restaurant.