Ford CrownVic TCNYC

Civilian Crown Victoria in NY

The 4.6L V8 Sedan is a vehicle that appears in True Crime: Streets of L.A. and True Crime: New York City.


The 4.6L V8 Sedan resembles an unbadged 1998-2005 Ford Crown Victoria.

This vehicle is the most common seen in-game, as it is often seen in all New York areas and curbs. It also serves as the first unlockable undercover police car in the game.


The 4.6L V8 Sedan is an average vehicle the car has average speed with average acceleration. Crash deformation is Mediocre and can only withstand about 13-15 low speed collisions and 6 high speed collisions


The 4.6L V8 Sedan has 4 varients which include

  • A civilian vehicle
  • An PDNY police cruiser (both blue and white varients)
  • A civilian taxi
  • The first unmarked police cruiser available in police precints

The pedestrian and taxi varient`s performance is as stated above

The PDNY and unmarked police varients have good acceleration along with an improved top speed compared to the civilian variant.


  • The 4.6L V8 Sedan is the most common vehicle in True Crime: New York City often found in traffic and parked on curbs.
  • The police version in True Crime: New York City is very common throughout the game, however in True Crime:Streets of LA, the police version only appears in some ongoing crimes.